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The Story of the Logo creation

It is absolutely of an immense beauty, how the forces of two artists collide into creating the genesis of an artwork •

Almost a year ago, I visited the Baths of Aphrodite bay in Paphos. The breathtaking raw beauty of that place was captured in one picture and the title of a free verse •

Eventually, the idea birthed from the place where Venus meets the deep blue seawaters. The dark grey rocks marked the symbolization of Adamantyne’s unbreakable presence. ‘Genesis’ •

At that moment, a Rebirth took place. The realization of her presence, and the continuation to the beginning of a new journey. ‘Initiation’ •

Almost a year later, equipped with a humble human’s experiences and memories of joy and pain, I urged myself to find an artist who would embrace the vision I had that day. ‘Manifestation’ •

Venus of Mars (Aphrodite Koupepidou) was the artist who dedicated her effort into embracing and translating the vision into the present conceptual visual art •

Every shape, element, and color of the logo has a meaning. . . The nabla (inverted triangle) is a symbol of femininity and water, whereas designed as a double-shaped diamond it contains the letters of ‘ADA’ representing the ‘Duality’ of the performing artist. . . The rocky-textured elements depict the adamant nature of Adamantyne’s personality, and the place that inspired the vision. . . The indigo color represents the ‘Memoirs of an Indigo Child’ later renamed to ‘Chronicles of Adamantyne’. The emanating gold hues represent the preserverance of aesthetics in Adamantyne’s art in the form of music, lyricism, and poetry.

The journey of ‘Ascension’ continues

Warmth, Adriana Di Antonio ‘ADA’ Songwriter / Lyricist of Adamantyne

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