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The electronica-based concept album is a brief sonic memoir of Adamantyne’s artistic voyage, that conveys her alter persona’s fundamental change of mind and the shift of her perspective towards music as a spiritual bond. It is also codified as  PRJKT444


Metanoia EP is composed of four tracks that progress over the spiritual reformation and conversion of a Human, as well as sculpting the symbiotic and conflicting existence of the two interacting states: the mortal and the divine.



Humans have long craved to acquire the power of Gods. The hubristic behavior defying the norms as such, had challenged and invoked the wrath of the celestial entities in the context of Greek mythology. Adamantyne’s poetic Intro is an ode to humans swallowed by their arrogant and vain nature, and their desire to reach the divine state disregarding their mortality and destiny architectured by the Gods.



Adamantyne’s debut track is a narrative of spiritual enlightenment engraved in one’s destiny. Prayer is the connection of a Human with a Divine presence, ultimately her Highest Self. 

The visual interpretation documents the nine stages: Genesis, Calling, Path, Descension, Healing, Awakening, Transcendence, Metamorphosis, and Ascension. The worshipper follows a journey from Darkness to Light, through repentance and prayers. The painful experiences weighing down the Human, become the worshipper’s scars that serve as a reminder of her mortal nature, as well as the honorary emblems to be treasured in a Life’s Path. 



Vessels are humans who with their consent, serve as embodiment of spiritual beings. However, not all humans are compatible to this transaction. The track interprets the story of a Mutant Angel summoned by a Human to inhabit her body. When the Vessel assumes form after the transformation, the symbiosis proves to be excruciating for both the Angel and the Human. The experience leads them feeling encaged in a human body that is trapped struggling in a vain world.



Adamantyne’s chaotic and enigmatic Outro is an ode to the arrogant and perpetrating Human that is avenged by the Gods. The hubristic behavior of the Human evokes the anger and punishment of the Gods who exile her into the dark Abyss. In that infinite space, she is reminded of her sins and scars in iteration. 

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